Frequently Asked Questions

Danang city is very safe about security but we always advise our guests only bring their fully charged camera,phone for great photos because the city is so beautiful for pictures and little bit money enough for their personal expense.All the important items that our guests should leave at the hotel.

We now cooperate with a leading insurance company in Vietnam for our tour activities.That is when you book our tour,we buy accident insurance for you up to 3.000.USD.It means that when the accidents happened,the insurance company will cover you up to 3.000 usd for medical treatment based on your bills only at the local hospital in Danang.Actually,it does not help you much for this amount of money but it can help you feel more safe when you are the tour with us.And many motorbike tour company are working similarly like us in Vietnam now.Besides,we always advise our guests have their owned travel insurance when they travel to overseas.

No,I must say that.Street foods are very cheap in Da Nang city but they are not really safe regarding hygiene and clean  to eat because the local government does not check them regularly and they also do not have a registered licence for its operation.Not like other food tours in Da Nang,We are much different,we only take our guests to the best local foods with 20-30 years of operation in which the local peoples eat them regularly just because its popular destination.And you are our respected guests,you must try these ones not foods on the streets.

Because our company has a policy that Guest Experience,Take Care,and Memories with us is the our top priorities and we do not connect with any booking agents or sales agents to sell our tours so far.There fore,we do not give COMMISSION to them as another tour companies.In stead of that,we help our guests have a amazing tour experience(more foods,local presents,or souvenirs)  with us and our guests’ RECOMMENDATIONS to their friends that is the best marketing in this media world.That is the reason why our company has a price very reasonable to our guests even the service and Aodai riders also guides are very well trained and good English speaking.

Yes,All of our tours are private with only our Aodai sisters as your personal rider and guide.All of your information are kept in confidential.We do not take any pictures with you unless you allow us to take the photos with you.And we certainly are not allowed to share them on any Media links like FB,Twitter,YouTube,etc.We only send them to you as your memories with us if you wish.So many famous peoples have experienced the tour with us in privacy and safe information.

Yes,We can follow up your requests about food tour or sightseeing tour which are out of our tour programs because all of our tours are private and we can adjust our tour contents easily according to your tour preference.So please let us know in advance if you prefer to change some foods or sightseeing places.Also we take note that we do not ride you out of Da Nang city like Hai Van Pass,Lang Co or Hoa Vang,Lien Chieu…because these places are not safe for our guests and our Aodai riders also.

I must say No because from October to December,the beach is very rocky with big waves and it is cold and dangerous for swimming in this seasons.

Yes,our tour price is the net  price and it is already included 10% local government tax and company tax.

Yes, I must say that all of our foods are very safe to eat and not any food poisonous to our guests so far because all of these food places which have popularly operated with many years and are checked regularly by our company and the local government in term of cleaning and hygiene. And all of these foods are hot and fresh cooked.In case,you have any stomach upsets that may your body is strange to the new foods not our fault.So when you join in the food tours with us,you must be clear about this matter to have a pleasant time with us.

Da Nang city is the most beautiful city in Vietnam regarding the culture,weather,landscapes,food,peoples,etc.According to the travelers comments on Tripadvisor as below:1.Marble Mountain,2.Lady Buddha at Son Tra Peninsula,3.Cham Museum,4.Dragon Bridge,5.Cao Dai Church,6.Cathedral Church,7.My Khue Beach,8.Han River Bridge,9.Tran Thi Ly Bridge,10.Han Market.On the bikes with our tour,we can help you visit these all places in Da Nang city.

Da Nang is the safest city in Vietnam.So far there is not any steals,cheats or traffic accidents in the tourist areas but if any things may happen to you,you just call directly  to Hotline:(+84)919.247009 of the local government and just few minutes they come to help you right away.

The best months to visit Da Nang city are Feb,Mar,and April because it is not too hot and not too cold.From May to August,it is sometimes very hot around 35-37 degrees and humidity but it is good for beach.About Sept to Nov,It has storms,floods in the central coast Vietnam.Dec and Jan,it is little cold but not much around 20 degrees.

They are the most friendly,hospitable,honest,and enthusiastic in Vietnam.They can not speak English well but they are willing to help you any times about hotel,restaurant or attractions address when you just ask them for help.

You see a lot of seafood restaurants along the beach but they just serve for travelers with expensive price and the local peoples never eat there and they are not really fresh seafood as you wish. The local peoples often enjoy the best seafood at the hidden with the reasonable price that most of visitors can not find them.Our seafood tour  is to explore the best fresh seafood at the one of its hidden alleys in Da Nang and also the best way to experience  the beauty of Danang by by night.It is totally worth to any penny you spend with us.

There are top 10 local foods you must try when you visit Da Nang city included:1.My Quang( (Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles),2.Bun Cha Ca(Fishcake Noodles Soup),3.Com Chien(Vietnamese Fried Rice),4.Com Tam(Broken Rice),5.Nem Lui(Broken Rice),6.Banh Xeo(Crispy Pancake),7.Bun Thit Nuong(Vermicelli Noodles With Grilled Pork),8.Chao Tom(Sugarcane Prawn),9.Banh Canh Ca Loc(Catfish with rice noodle soup),10.Thach Rau Cau Dua((Coconut Jelly).All of these local foods are located in our food tour call:Amazing Local Food Explorer.

When you book the Tours with us,we already trusted you come to experience with us.So we do not need to receive the deposite from you which can help you feel comfortable like you are on the Tour with us.In case,you want to cancel the Tours due to your personal reason,please let us know 36 hours prior Tours departure which helps us to arrange our Aodai sisters’ working schedule.

Yes, we have different sized high quality helmets with visors that will suit your size.

No, due to liability issues only our Guides can drive the motorbike. In order to drive a motorbike in Vietnam you must have a Vietnamese Motorbike License under Vietnamese Law. International Drivers Licenses are not valid in Vietnam. You will not be covered by Travel / Accident Insurance if you have an accident if driving a motorbike without a valid Vietnamese Motorbike License. You will ride as a pillion at all times.

No, all Danang Aodai Ridertour staffs are licensed and registered to comply with all appropriate Vietnamese Transportation and Tourism Laws.

Due to safety concerns, we do not allow you to hold the Guide while riding as a pillion with the exception of children up to 11 years of age. It is important for the driver and pillion not be distracted whilst the motorbike is in motion. Each Motorbike is supplied with handles for the pillion to hold onto. All guest’s will be shown how to mount / dismount and sit safely on the motorbike when it is in motion prior to the start of the tour.


Yes,Danang Aodai Ridertour fully covers our guest’s riding as pillion on our motorbikes. Danang  Aodai Ridertour also recommends you have your own Travel Insurance organised prior to leaving your country.

This has led to upsetting many women on our tour but please, LEAVE YOUR PURSE AT HOME!!! We will not allow you to wear this on our tour. Our recommendation is to bring a small camera that fits in your pocket and the money to pay for your tour. That’s it because we take care of everything on the tour.

Something comfortable! For me, this rules out any pants that have buttons on the back will be amazed at how this will indent your booty after just a few minutes on the bike.

I am sure there is but we have yet to find it. Please inform us if you are over 120 Kilo’s so that we can arrange to have one of our drivers who has a larger bike and perhaps works out at the gym.

This is why you are taking our tour rather than stabbing in the dark by wandering the streets on your own. As chefs we have the advantage of being able to identify the behind the scenes events that are going on with food at our vendors. When we add a new restaurant or vendor to our tour we are always keeping food safety in mind before we will expose this to our customers. So yes, we have had no problems with our food since we have been hosting our tours here in Vietnam. The ice will be safe at the vendors. The local Vietnamese can not drink dirty ice or dirty water so if a vendor was to serve this they would not be open very long.

We can accommodate to almost all allergies. If you do have a severe allergy of some kind we do ask that you avoid the food tour and opt for the city tour. We recommend this just to be safe.

Personally, I have a very young family with two daughters who are under 10 years old. I know that one daughter would ride by herself while the other daughter would need to ride with my mother. You know your children best so this will be a decision that is up to you. Our only policy on the matter  is that if your child is over 11 years old he will need to ride with a driver by himself because of their size. This would be best for the comfort of the Driver, Child, and Parent.

Yes, we provide smaller helmets to fit their heads comfortably and securely. Our drivers are made aware that they will be driving a child ahead of time and we specifically place certain drivers with our children passengers. This isn’t because some drivers are safer than others but because we like for children to ride on certain bikes so that they can feel as comfortable as possible riding on the bike.

Yes, it is safe to ride the motorbike in the rain. It is just a little wet or alot of wet depending on the rain. If the rain gets to heavy we will pull the tour over to stop for a coffee or juice as we let the rain subside until we would like to get onto the bikes again. We have no problem driving in a light drizzle. If it is raining hard, it is not truly a safety issue for us with our experienced and skilled drivers but more of a discomfort for our customers as we do not want you to feel like you jumped into a pool.

No, we will adjust the itinerary for our city tour so that we can go some place that is covered for the first part of the tour to let the rain pass. If it does not seem like it will pass then we will cancel the tour ourselves at no cost to you. This is more likely to be canceled since the city tour is all about driving on the motorbike which makes for a bit of a wet and miserable time if it is raining all night.

I am not a weather man but I can confidently say if you are coming in between October-Early December it will most likely rain at least once a day but between January-September,you do not worry about the rain in Danang city. This is just the way it is. Unfortunately, it seems that it will always rain right before a tour as we pick up our customer. Here is the good news, even if it is a light or heavy rain it always seems to end within 15-45 minutes giving us the rest of the night for clear skies.

100% of your pre-tour payment will be returned to you if we cancel our tours for any reason.

We will make every possible attempt to get you onto another tour if you need to reschedule. We have tours running through out the entire day everyday except for the Tet Holiday so we feel that there is always a way to get you onto another tour. With this being said, sometimes we are fully booked and it is just not possible for us to move your tour to a different day.

They love the tour! We have not seen a child who has ever seemed disappointed on any of our tours. We think that our company offers possibly the best thing to do as a family in Vietnam. Children can often get bored pretty easily on a regular tour on a bus. Put them on a motorbike in Danang city… there is nothing boring about that to anyone no matter the age.